Sweet Remedy

Pumpkin Spice Pecan Bread (Whole Grain, Dairy-Free)

Pumpkin Spice Pecan Bread, I can’t get enough of it. Made with good for your ingredients. Dairy-free, unless you slather it with butter once sliced. It’s versatile, eat it with coffee as a dessert or along side your breakfast orange juice, or coffee because let’s be real.


Pumpkin spice pecan bread made with whole wheat flour + coconut oil. This makes it a dairy-free version and full of healthy fats and better for you grains.

Pumpkin Pecan Bread is my jam, you guys!

This recipe is a simple quick bread that I made with whole grain flour to boost the nutritional value. Coconut oil is used instead of vegetable or canola because that’s pretty much how I roll. Coconut oil is my jam too. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like coconut. The pumpkin flavor is the star here.

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