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Sam-Circle-2Hi! I’m Samantha, (Sam or Samma to you!) welcome to my corner of the internet. Sweet Remedy is a food and lifestyle blog that focuses on alternative baking with a penchant for whole grain, dairy free, vegan, and gluten free recipes.

I work during the day and am a student, blogger and photographer by night. I feel most at home looking through my camera’s viewfinder or in a large field filled with ripe fruit for my picking.

I am perpetually nerdy and clumsy. I knock things over and snort while laughing. Video games, comic books and science fiction  are a few of the things that make me a self-proclaimed & extreme nerd. I constantly change my mind and have a really hard time making decisions, especially important ones. I’m a big fan of a tall glass of beer, Joss Whedon, and a warm pair of winter booties.

Hudson Valley Food Photographer

Head over to my photography and blogging education website, samanthaseeley.com to learn more about the ins and outs of blogging and photography. You can also check out my portfolio while you’re over there.



During the summer of 2010 and 2011, I was a vendor at a farmers’ market. I made cupcakes, cookies and brownies made with all-purpose flour. I did this until I decided to go back to school full time.

Since the farmers’ market booth, Sweet Remedy has morphed into a food and lifestyle blog that focuses on whole grain baking with an affinity for dairy free, vegan and gluten free recipes. All of the recipes after April 2015 will use whole grain flours. However, not every recipe will be dairy free, vegan and gluten free. To find a specific type of recipe, head over to the easy to navigate Recipe Index.

The recipes are meant to be approachable to the novice baker. I strive to help my readers feel comfortable in the kitchen. If you are confused on where to start, check out these navigation tips on my start page.

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Headshots by Jenna Salvagin Photography

Headshots above by Jenna Salvagin Photography