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Strawberry Basil Iced Tea

This is pretty much the most refreshing drink I’ve ever made, tasted, and loved with all of my little heart.  I say little because that is what you are supposed to say in a sentence like that, right? My heart is normal ‘heart’ sized yet extremely big – huge even in a metaphorical sense.

Strawberry - Basil Iced tea | Sweet-Remedy.com

Do you see the condensation on the pitcher? I made this to combat an extremely hot spring day! It is still spring and up in New York we are getting days that are almost reaching the triple digits. 97 degrees, are you kidding me?

This is my latest love affair: strawberry basil iced tea. You should know that if I am not drinking water then you can find me sipping on an ice cold tea.  I prefer unsweetened but sometimes you just need a little sweetness in your life. This tea is literally an amazing way to beat the heat. I say literally the way that Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreation would. Say it with me: Lit-ra-lee.

Look at those strawberries! I mean, REALLY look at them! They are beautiful; fresh, local and lovely. Fruit is my best friend, you know why? It’s because fruit is good for you, duh! The best part about this drink is that when you are done slurping it up, you get to eat the strawberries and in my book; that gets a high-five.

Strawberry - Basil Iced tea | Sweet-Remedy.com

So you want to know how to make this, right? For the recipe, click on over to Martha Stewart.

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2 Responses to “Strawberry Basil Iced Tea”

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    Jackie — June 13, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    OMG..these looks really refreshing and I just bought a beautiful basil plant from my local vendor in Warwick.!! Now, all I need r strawberries which I can hopefully pick up tomorrow from my Florida farmer’s market…Definitely, making this recipe.
    Yr right, 97 degrees was too hot last week.


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