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Tropical Fruit Green Juice Smoothie

As some of you have read, I started a juice cleanse with my mom! We cleansed for 3 days, how cool are we?

I jotted my feelings down in a list like manner so I could update everyone day by day with the progress.

Day 1: The evening was rough, I wanted to eat and I wanted to eat everything. My biggest issue with eating a balanced diet is that I can eat well all day and when 8 pm rolls around, I turn into a human garbage disposal and eat anything and everything in sight. Even if I don’t particularly like whatever is in the kitchen. Late night eating is by far my biggest downfall.

Day 2: I swear I was dreaming of breakfast sandwiches as I slept because the next morning I thought about breaking as I drove past my breakfast spot. I didn’t stop, partly because I would have been majorly late to work if I did and partly because I have a small amount of will power.  Hunger pains came and lingered but they usually passed, especially after drinking some water or some of my juice. Some of the juices I made were downright awful, but most of them were light, refreshing and extremely enjoyable.

Being a Tuesday means that I head to class right after work and this particular Tuesday I was preparing to give a speech on the camera obscura. Speeches make me so nervous; I am not a very good public speaker. I went to class and pulled through my speech when all I could think about was running down the hall and grabbing some of the free food that one of the clubs put out. During our break I sat in the classroom instead of walking down the hall because I knew everyone would be eating and laughing and talking about their speeches. When everyone came back I heard their food bags rustling and was having a really hard time concentrating on the rest of the speeches.  I raced home to make the next day’s juice and found my mom already made it for me! Thanks, mom!

Day 3:  Wednesday is the day everyone in the office buys lunch together. How was I going to resist that? I drank my morning juice and pushed passed the inevitable hunger feelings. I was still feeling hungry on day 3.

The nights were by far the worst times for me. I’ve always been a night time eater and that is when my hunger feelings were intense. But having the support from my mother was the biggest help. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one suffering made me feel better! She doesn’t have the same emotional attachment to food as I do so I think her experience was easier. She mentioned that after 7pm was a big issue for her as well. She isn’t a night owl snack-er like me and without her support I probably would have binged on day 1.

Let’s talk symptoms: I never felt fatigued, headache-y, nauseous, worn out or tired. My mood was fine. I didn’t lash out at anyone or feel angry.  While my main goals were not to lose weight, it is a nice benefit of cleansing. I lost 4.3 lbs in total. On Thursday morning, I weighted myself and was shocked that I had gained 3.3 lbs back and this was before any food consumption. I’m not really surprised or upset by this because as I mentioned before, weight loss was not my main goal.

Drinking green juice was giving me a burst of energy, brighter skin and lots of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Knowing these things helped me get through to the third day. The biggest thing while doing this mini-juice fast was that I had to face and fight my demons. I had to face them at work each day in the break room while the air was filled with a mixture of take out and delicious home cooked goodness. I had to fight them when I had no hunger pangs at all yet I still got the sudden craving or urge to eat something – anything, everything.

Thursday morning, my first bite of real food. I found I wasn’t all that hungry and ate an apple to break the fast. I honestly felt sick after eating that apple. Next time I attempt a cleanse I plan on doing things slightly differently. I’ll try to ease into it by eliminating aspects of my diet as I go along.

My overall experiences with this juice cleanse and green juicing in general were good ones. I learned a lot about my body, my eating habits and patterns that will help while making smarter and healthier decisions, food-wise. I feel like my relationship to food is in the process of changing. It has been a long journey and I still have a few miles to travel.


Tropical Fruit and Green Juice Smoothie

To make this recipe as is you will need a juicer and a blender. I decided to juice the kale and parsley in this recipe because I find the left over chunks unappealing when blending, even with a very good blender. Feel free to change the amount and types of fruit. Alternatively, you can skip the juicer and just add the kale and parsley to your blender and blend.

Yield: 2 small glasses

Prep Time: 10

Total Time: 15


6-8 kale leaves
1 large bunch of fresh parsley
6 ice cubes
1 banana
1/2 cup mango chunks
1/2 cup pineapple chunks


If you are using fresh fruit, cut and core the pineapple then chop remaining pieces.

Cut the mango in half and make vertical and horizontal cuts through each other to make cubes. Push the mango outward and remove the cubes.

Wash the kale and parsley leaves then run them through your juicer.

Add the juice, ice cubes and banana to your blender and blend.

Next add the mango and pineapple chunks and blend until smooth or to desired consistency.

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    Great drink for a healthy snack.


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