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Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail | Sweet-Remedy.com #cocktail #drink #recipe

Sometimes you just need a good, tasty, girly drink. If you’re me, you sometimes need two good, tasty, girly drinks. I “double fisted” these bad boys in the name of art.  I’m starting a personal photography project titled “leftovers” in which I eat food and then take photos and style whatever is left. There is something so satisfying to see an empty plate with a full belly.

So I drank both of these drinks in about 3 minutes. What a head rush. It had to be done.

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail | Sweet-Remedy.com #cocktail #drink #recipe

I’m a lightweight so I quickly became giggly and started saying ridiculous things. Thankfully, Joe brought me a sandwich from an epic deli and I got something in my stomach to fight with the alcohol and make me coherent again. I’m kidding… I wasn’t that sloppy!

I’ve wanted to make a herb infused simple syrup for a long time so I finally just did it. I don’t know what took me so long, it’s just sugar, water and whatever herb you want.

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail | Sweet-Remedy.com #cocktail #drink #recipe

This is one of my favorite photos from my new leftover series, what do you think? I’m in love. A little red lipstick mark would have been tops! or trashy, I don’t know.

It’s too bad I don’t have any lipstick to give it a shot.

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail | Sweet-Remedy.com #cocktail #drink #recipe

This is the perfect cocktail for winter and for Valentine’s Day. I deem this Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail the drink of February.

This sunny citrus fruit is perfect to help you forget the snow and to share with your honey.

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail | Sweet-Remedy.com #cocktail #drink #recipe

I’m normally a bourbon girl but for this drink I opted for vodka. Mainly because it was snowing outside and I only had a few shots of vodka left in the house. I need to remedy this with a bottle of bourbon! Pun intended!

I mixed this drink with the help of my fancy OXO Steel Angled Measuring Jigger and my OXO Good Grips Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker. I felt like a real bartender… All that shaking,  pouring and garnishing with fancy herbs and fruit.

Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail | Sweet-Remedy.com #cocktail #drink #recipe


Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail

This blood orange cocktail is so sweet, it is perfect for a Valentine’s Day drink for two. It's also a great use of the abundant winter citrus!

Yield: 2

Prep Time: 05 min

Cook Time: 00 min

Total Time: 05 min


1/2 cup blood orange juice
1/2 cup rosemary infused simple syrup
2 oz vodka
for garnish:
rosemary sprig
blood orange slice


Pour blood orange juice, rosemary infused simple syrup, and vodka into a cocktail shaker. Shake until combined and pour into a glass with ice.

Line glass with blood orange slice and rosemary sprig.

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6 Responses to “Blood Orange Rosemary Cocktail”

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    Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health — January 23, 2014 at 11:47 am

    i am not much of a cocktail person but when I do I am always looking for fancy and unusual ones. I am craving right now ..its 5′ o clock somewhere right?

    • Sam replied on — January 23rd, 2014 at 12:24 pm

      It’s ALWAYS 5’o clock somewhere! I don’t make fancy cocktails often but when I do… I enjoy them to the fullest!


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