Sweet Remedy


Hi! I’m Sam! I’m a food photographer, blogger, and educator.

SamanthaSeeley.com is an educational website that focuses on teaching bloggers and entrepreneurs how to level up their photography, storytelling, and blogging skills.

This website didn’t always aim to educate. Before the transition, this site was known as Sweet Remedy.  Sweet Remedy was a baking blog that strived to provide some pretty awesome baking recipes. This labor of love was born out of the desire to share baked good with the world. Before becoming a recipe blogger turned educator, I sold baked goods at a local farmers’ market. I learned to bake by trial and error and by following recipes I found in cookbooks. It was a long (but delicious!) process.

When I’m not pre-heating my oven to 350° or taking photos of my creations you can find me in the classroom teaching digital photography to college kids. I’m a (mostly) self-taught photographer but I have since earned my bachelors degree in multimedia production and my masters degree in learning and emerging technologies with a focus on instructional design. My focus shifted to education in 2016 when I began to teach in a traditional classroom. The blending of education, photography, and blogging made complete sense to me and now this website encompasses both recipes and educational posts, tutorials, and videos with a focus on photography, storytelling and blogging. Our online courses and in person workshops will be available soon!

All of that aside, other things that keep me busy include: Taking a walk (or a nap!) with my husky pup, Penny, asking Alexa ridiculous questions, riding my bike somewhere in the Hudson Valley and when time allows… watching copious amounts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.


Headshot by Jenna Salvagin Photography