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All images on this website are taken and owned by me, unless otherwise stated or featured in a guest post. Please don’t re-post any photos from this unless I have given you permission to do so. Please respect my work and don’t create duplicate content.

The same goes for recipes unless stated it was adapted or inspired by another recipe. Some of my earlier recipes may not reflect this but all recipes from 2012-2013 should. If it does not state that a recipe was adapted or inspired by another then it is an original recipe and shouldn’t be copied & pasted onto your blog. Again, if you ask permission I will more than likely agree and all will be well in the world. Thank you!


It is no secret that I use advertising, affiliate programs and have relationships with various brands on this website. When applicable I will always disclose to my readers when there is a relationship that ties in with any post on Sweet Remedy. This disclosure will usually be found at the bottom of the post.

Occasionally, a product and/or book was given free of charge to review and express honest opinions about the brand and/or product. When a brand or affiliate link is in a post, it has no influence on the content of Sweet Remedy. If  compensation was accepted to create a recipe, photograph or review and/or giveaway a product all views expressed are always 100% my own. I won’t be bought! I will always give my honest opinion and be open about what brands I have partnerships with.

Medical Disclaimer:

I rarely talk about medical issues here but when I do, if there is something suggested it is up to the individual to be diligent in research and making their own informed decision. Always speak with a medical professional before using any new products which claim health benefits, going on a juice cleanse and/or any other diet plan.

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